Shriddle is an online riddle, where you are presented with various puzzles and problems you need to solve, in order to advance further.
At the moment there are 75 levels.


Mride: random csgo player & solving cipher
doubleG (anx103): Notpron solver, passionate writer and the guy responsible for rare musical notation-related levels . I often bully my homies from shriddle team for their bad english. Having to correct their shit isn't as enjoyable, unfortunately. My everyday diet consists of toasts and pizzas, thanks for asking. Cheers!
animekkk: Learning java, what you can see here. Solver of Cipher Riddle.
SBlade: 21yr from Poland, living in Norway, solving notpron and cipher cause i can't solve life, I'm a druggy thats why my lvl's can be difficult to understand. I love to skateboard in my free time oh i forgot i love punk/goth music
Coticov: Cat lover and collectible card games enthusiast. Somehow I've beaten 49 cipher levels.
Kantown: Solver of Notpron & Solving Cipher
Jakub: I'm official to Nu Level solver of Notpron and Cipher by GMT, that's the riddles we based on it, and we had a lot of inspiration while making Shriddle, have a nice run, hope you gonna enjoy everylevel or atleast mine Levels :D


Special Thanks to:

Biggest thanks goes to YOU. To all the players who at least tried to beat the game.


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