First time with an online riddle? Not knowing what the hell is going on and needing some guidance? Well, this is just the place for you!
You do know what you're supposed to do..., right? You're presented with a riddle, consisting of an image, some text (usually), and a source code.
URLs are gateways between levels, meaning that in order to progress further you have to alter it (and add .htm, obviously), so that it contains your answer, basically. It does get wild sometimes but you'll be fine, I promise.
But how do I figure out the answer? Hint please? Hint?? What do I do? What is going on? What?? Hint?? I don't get it?? It's all bollocks, help me please??
Worry not, I am here to give you a hand! I've got some hints that might just come in handy while attempting to solve Shriddle:



Level 30+ rules:

Let's go back now, I've got this