You wake up in a.. wait. Do you?
Your eyes open.
Your body numb.
You can't move.
Your head hurts excruciatingly.
Sleep paralysis, you think. You've never had it happen to you before, it's gotta be it, right?
You remember how that one dimwit of a friend told you about it. All frightened, shaking.
What a lesser being, you thought back then, nodding in agreement and pretending you cared.
You should see your face now. - you hear a somewhat familiar voice. You cannot locate its source.
Is this the real life? - the voice is getting louder, audibly angry. Or hyped, rather.
Or just a fantasy? - this line that you've definitely heard somewhere before.
Sung by like a million voices of all the people you've been an asshole to throughout your whole life.
Echoing so loudly that your head feels like it could explode any second.
The latter, probably. For now though.. - you can finally feel your blood flowing in your veins.
Your fingers start to tingle. What an awkward feeling.
..this is your reality.
If you're as smart and superior as you claim to be, we shall meet again soon. Hmph. If...
The voices started laughing. For the first time in your life you feel personally attacked. After a moment, they all faded into complete silence.
What does he mean? I cracked all the online riddles out there in a week.
Well, except for one.
What can go wrong?
You get a brief glimpse of what's coming. Images and sounds. Lots of them.
Numbers. Letters. Equations. Notes. Seems easy you think.
You've been there before, after all.
You can do it.

Off we go, then.